Hello, Gorgeous

Welcome to the Modern Blonde! 

Among other things, I am the Head of Operations for several jewelry and accessories companies and find myself constantly consumed with my work.  It’s high time for something a little more fun (and a lot more personal) in my life.  Shocking, I know.  Most bloggers have a point of view that they want to share and I hope you’ll find mine inspirational, enthusiastic and fashion forward.

Like most women, I love shoes.  But this is not your average run of the mill love affair; I’m utterly head over heels smitten.  It’s a tuck-them-in-at-night-with-sweet-lullabies kind of thing.  With this obsession in mind, you’ll find many a post regarding my fair footwear.  Being the workaholic that I am, I find myself fortunate enough to actually take home coveted works of art and I always share my art collection.

And of course you’ll see oodles of fashion… from Marchesa to Dior, Theory to Gucci, Chloe and Vena Cava.  I adore wonderfully feminine gowns from Oscar (who doesn’t?) and live in effortless chic pieces from Vince and Alice + Olivia.  I am a California girl born & bred, a former Bostonian and a current Charleston resident; so my style, taste and expectations are well rounded.  I see nothing wrong with wearing a gorgeous flowing silk Gypsy 05 dress on Tuesday and being suited by Donna Karan on Wednesday.     

You can be both women.

I’m not interested in being one thing.  I am so much more than that, as are you, I’m sure you’ll find.  I am summer and winter.  I am avant garde and classic.  I am worldly and American.  I am relaxed and serious.  I am a romantic and a businesswoman. I believe in manners and speaking your mind.  I am flats and heels.  I am a Modern Blonde.

To that affect, while you will see more gowns & glamour than you can imagine… I’ll also throw in some business insight that I hope you’ll find useful.  After all, a modern woman should be both glamorous and grounded, simultaneously.

I hope you find my perspectives engaging and interesting and will share your own thoughts, shoes and sparkle with me.  I know I can’t wait to share mine!

xoxo, L

♥: peonies. puppies. christmas. kisses. water. spreadsheets. blonde. the perfect shoe. sunrise. santa. aqua. whimsy. champagne (the color). champagne (the drink). gowns. mint chocolate.

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