Shoe Storage

It’s no secret that I love my shoes.  So it should come as no surprise that I am very concerned that they are safe and sound when they aren’t prancing me about town.  I’m always moving so I personally prefer to keep my shoes in their original boxes and take polaroids or print digitals to tape to the outside of the box.  It’s a definite fact; if the shoe isn’t presented this way, I’ll forget to wear it. 

Thankfully, I’m finally buying a home this winter so after the next move I can display these little gems standing, and by color… obvi.  Khloe Kardashian happens to excel at color coordinating her footwear as seen in Elle in her closet.  Though keping them boxed insures that they are protected from dust, puppy fluff and accidents.  You can never be too careful with your treasures, can you?

Here are a few of my favorite storage inspirations. 

via  Tracy Taylor of Net-A-Porter on the Coveteur

Don’t have big bucks or the space to splurge on a custom home for your footwear? IKEA has some excellent (and affordable) shelves that lend themselves perfectly to organization and display. 

The Billy bookcase series comes in a variety of sizes and one with (BONUS!) a glass door.  How chic is that?  Also check out the Expedit bookcase which we use in the office and adore.

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