Coveted: The Sobek

I recently celebrated a birthday and I was more than tickled to find that this year BCS (always the amazing gift giver) outdid himself.  He surprised me with the absolutely to-die Christian Louboutin Sobeks in tourterelle.  Hands down, they’re exactly the ones I would have picked had I been on a shopping spree.  One slight catch; they’re too small.  Though he wisely surveyed my closet to compare sizing, this pair ran a bit snug.  Yet here they are, still sitting in my office so that I can gaze at their champagne-hued awesomeness longingly throughout the day.  They’re sold out nationwide in anything but size 35 and I simply can’t bear to send them back.  It’s downright torturous.

How can I be so attached to a pair of never worn heels, you might ask.  Just look for yourself, these are not the kind of shoes one returns.


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