Secret’s Out

I have a secret. It’s the kind of thing you hide away from friends, coworkers, family members. It’s something I’ve saved just for myself for so many years that I can’t even imagine giving it away. But today… I will.

Perhaps we all have some little untold tidbit that would change our grasp on reality if told? Mine, as it were, happens to be a style trick.  A little known factoid that even fashion and beauty pros haven’t picked up on. I know you were hoping for something really juicy; she’s secretly Angelina Jolie – gasp! But I assure you, this little teeny tiny trick will change your life.

Being a true California girl, I’ve adopted a sort of laissez-faire attitude when it comes to some aspects of my daily beauty routine. Granted, I’m never (ever) going to forget to put on nightly eye cream but perhaps I’ll waive my primer or foundation. And you certainly will never (ever) see me without accessories, but there is a good chance that I’ll be sporting just-rolled-out-of-bed tousled hair that one co-worker once graciously dubbed “so Ralph Lauren.” It is this sometimes glamorous, sometimes disastrous tousled hair that is the starting point for my little secret.

While I am not the type of person for consistently buttoned up apparel or perfectly coiffed chignons, I certainly wouldn’t want to appear unkempt. But let’s admit it, sometimes the effort of washing/conditioning/product application/drying/curling/ironing/more product is just too much for a girl to handle before she’s had her first sip of latte in the morning.  I also happen to be one of those people who has superfine but also superfluous hair atop my head.  To that end, I will admit it, I wash every other day.  I count myself in good company of some very fashionable women who practice this alternating method.  However, sometimes my ‘do gets a bit unruly, one might say.  And heaven forbid anyone should ever know that I didn’t wash my hair in the morning!  The horror.  If you suffer the same fate as I do, this little secret of mine is going to save you a lot of angst.

Ok, here it is. You’re officially the first to know my hard-kept well guarded secret….

Earrings. The bigger, the better. I’m talking big huge sparkly suckers.

With big, bold, beautiful earrings adorning your lovely albeit slightly rumpled head, no one will ever notice that you’ve skipped the blow out.  Seriously.  I know you’re thinking, “Come on, all the melodrama and she says wear earrings?”  But trust me, it is the most amazing revelation.  I think it’s a combination of people being distracted away from your messy mop to something so beautiful… but it’s more than that. Having a gorgeous set of earrings frame your face truly accentuates your best asset – your bright smile! Suddenly the most amazing thing about your entire look is put on display and everyone will take notice. Just watch how your waitress looks you in the eye, or how your assistant is instantly perkier and much more obliging.  Your whole aura will be transformed, and no one will ever be wise to the reason.

Of course now everyone in my office will be examining my hair each time I happen to wear my favorite NewDreamz feather earrings (I love the fluffy Aqua Carrie, don’t you?), but I’m glad to sacrifice my secret for the better of woman-kind. The next time you just want to hit the snooze, give this tip a whirl.


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