In Print

In my opinion, the most wonderful thing about art is that it is e v e r y w h e r e.  In every medium, on every continent, in every glimpse you catch.  You don’t have to hang a Pollack to fill your spaces with works of art.  And rejoice! For fashion is wearable art, the most personal kind.

Think for a moment of how broad the artistic landscape has become.  Instead of reading stagnent stories we now have instantaneous images to accompany every bit of information.  Apps like Instagram have rocked my world, I don’t know about yours.  Image sharing has become the most gripping way to spread your voice.  Didn’t make it to the Paris shows?  Don’t worry, the entire collection will be on twitter in 2 seconds.

And with Print editiorials we find art within art.  Of course he clothes themselves make statement enough.  But if you’re anything like me, the pages of a fashion editorial or a truly genius print campaign keep you engrossed time and time again.  Some of my favorites come from the ever imaginative Hermès.

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