The worst thing happened.

After a truly manic Monday and a bustling start to Tuesday morning, the unthinkable happened.  I was cruising right along, shuffling off emails and editing graphics when BAM!


It happened, MY dear sweet Loubi crashed! Mid sentence.  Now, I’m not proud to say that I freaked the eff out.  I might have yelped, I might have screamed, I may even have run down the hall flailing my arms and shouting curses.  Now here I sit, Loubi-less (except for those on my feet, obvi), and holding my breath awaiting the dreaded tech-guy phone call.  I failed my dear little computer friend; I didn’t protect him from the horrors of the world when he’s been so good to me. 
So if you can hear me computer Gods, I promise I’ll be good from now on.  Let me have Loubi back and I swear I’ll take better care of him.  I’ll clean him and pet him and antivirus him until he shines like our best selling Swarovski charm, White Ice (now on sale for $6.99 item #50278).  If you give  him back safe and sound, I swear I will never say “remind me later” to a system scan ever again!  Promise.  Amen.

PS: I also swear that from now on I’ll back him up regularly so freak outs are uneccessary if you ever think it’s funny to do this to me again.

xoxo, L


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