Per usual, Monday has me thinking about motivation.

No matter what you’re pursuing (and we’re all pursuing something), go after it.

Don’t wait.

Don’t put it off.  No matter how much it wears you down today, give it everything you have.  Because tomorrow you’ll be one step closer.  Whatever your goal may be, you cannot even hope to accomplish it if you don’t go for it.  Day one is always the hardest but every day after you’ll feel more contented and proud that you’re on your way to cross that elusive thing off your list.

So, you want to get in shape for that girls’ weekend to Cabo?  WORK that body!  Saying you want to look hot in that  bikini doesn’t get you very far.  You gotta work for it, girls.

Are you a lowly intern desperately seeking a raise with every copy you collate?  Make copies that make your boss weep with joy so that she can’t help but notice you.

Convinced that you have the naughtiest dog at the park?  Take the time out of your undoubtedly busy schedule to train that furry fido.

Tired of being pushed around by a bossy relative or co-worker?  Create a mantra, as in, “I am a strong, confident woman.  I will stand up for myself.”  And repeat it every morning and every night.  Eventually, you may just believe yourself.

But I implore you, whatever it is that you seek to accomplish – start today!  Start right this very minute.  You may be surprised at just how much you can achieve if you try.

xoxo, L

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