Pony log: a clip and a cocktail

Sooooomebody decided to grow his winter fuzz out earlier than neccessary in the sweltering south Florida heat so I set out to desensitize with the clippers. We were on a roll until he became a little anxious toward the end of the week, even with clippers not in sight. 

Last Friday evening was lovely, a bit breezy with cloud coverage and a temperate 70 degrees. But when I arrived at the barn, fritzy was in a full sweat. The next day, he was pacing and lathered in turnout when I arrived and I had to enlist a friend to hold him for booting. We ended up lunging in the paddock, where oddly enough he was well behaved. 

Sunday his pacing turned to galloping the length of the fence back and forth. He was also nipping at me and kicking toward his belly. Naturally, I called the vet. Since our clipper debugging was put on hold with his uppity turn, I needed a cocktail to get pony clipped anyhow and figured she could check him over too. I suspected ulcers since he was displaying stress but also realized I hadn’t fully cleaned his sheath since he’d been an American.   

Let me just say, my vet ROCKS. Like beyond. She was luckily coming my way on Monday and set straight to inspecting my little monkey. Of course he was more mellow but he did react a bit to palpation and she suspected ulcers as well since half his buddies were off showing. She checked his teethies also (nothing horrible there) and they cleaned his man bits, though she didn’t suspect that or his coat for being the source of such angst. 

But here’s the kicker, after giving Fritz a little cocktail for clipping, she stayed to make sure that I was safe while doing the twitchy bits. Not only did she stay, she picked up the clippers and did his neck while I was at the rump. It was a windier than average day, my pony was a fuzzy reindeer and she and the tech were downwind. Best.vet.ever.  Needless to say, she’s stuck with us for life. 

With ten years since my last clip, I definitely need to work on my skills but we put in a solid effort! Very proud of my little lamb chop.  


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