Pony log: pleasantly surprised 

We were off our schedule last week and Fritz got worked Friday/Saturday/Sunday because of his anxiousness then lightly Monday before the vet and was off until the weekend. So when I tacked up on a windy Saturday, I expected some antics.   

  I was pleasantly surprised to have no spook on the blustery walk to the ring which was followed by an even lovelier and fluid session on the line. 

He worried a little about a trail rider out on the road but came back nicely when I asked him. I’ve learned not to read too much into anything with pony but it was our first time using an ear bonnet and I’m wondering if even the slight sound reduction helped with calming him in the wind. He was really excellent especially with all the triggers stacked against us; rain, wind, being on our own, lack of exercise during the week, trail riders and dogs on the road… I’m quite happy with his smoochy face! It’s windy again today and should be throughout the week so we’ll see if we can make a pattern out of this.


Pony’s new Schockemohle Bonnet is from SmartPak and has neoprene ears to muffle sound so we started without plugs. Eskadron bell boots and anthracite polos | JRD dressage saddle | Passier bridle and girth | side reins from StateLine | eskadron saddle pad 

Annnnd in big news, pony finally has a name! His passport was happily unnamed so I got the opportunity to register him myself but it took me a whopping six months to do so. With much happiness, I am pleased to introduce Fortunatus.


fortūnātus: blessed, prosperous, lucky, fortunate. 

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