All Aboard!

My trainer rode Fritzy for the first time on Tuesday!

We’re super swamped at work so I wanted to make sure I was in on time (sidenote: I wasn’t, had to pick up supplies on the way in and the store didn’t open til 9) so I asked my trainer to exercise him for me instead of our usual standing 8am session together.

I tacked up so I could still smooch his nose and off they went! It always sort of breaks my heart to send him out without me but I was so excited for her to get to see how comfy he is and curious how they would mesh under saddle since they get along so well on the ground.

I stuck around a bit longer than I should have (don’t tell the mister) and watched a bit, which was seriously so weird but fun to see him going from the ground! He’s like totally handsome! Swoon.

He was a bit sticky and sliiiightly cranky to start which I attribute to her way stronger legs. I’m pretty much a floppy carrot sitting atop him so a rider with any leg strength to speak of is going to feel a bit more challenging to my side sensitive pony. He only had a few circles of stickiness then realized his job and really stretched into a nice working trot. I have a blurry snap of what looks like the promise of great extension. Yay pony!

She also picked up the dressage whip for the his first time in the states and he had no panic toward it so that’s awesome. He really resents a spur but in those sticky bits a light touch of the whip will be perfect so I’m excited that won’t be an issue. Yay again!

In truth, it really makes me upset to not have the time I want for my Fritzydoodle. So to know that he still will have fun and progress while I’m busy just tickles me to bits! I can’t wait until I have more time but I’m happy to know he’ll get love while I make bacon to feed his Mrs Pastures habit! ♥

PS: He’s 17h, how funny that Claudia makes him look
even shorter than I do!

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