Happiest Holidays

Happiest Holidays, Friends!

I had a notion to tell you that I was sending another Christmas letter through the interwebs because I’m like so totally environmentally friendly… but then I remembered Santa is watching.  Alas, another Christmas has gone too fast.

Our year went by in a blink, much like this little holiday season I hold so dear. Work was busier than ever; our brands are now sold in about 1000 stores nationwide! Yay! {insert celebratory dance}

In furry news, most of you know that we welcomed my new Hanoverian gelding, Fritz, to the family in May. He’s 1400 pounds of sugar and silliness and exactly what I needed. It’s such a joy to be riding that I can’t even express my gratitude for this guy. Even on the ‘bad’ days, it’s a dream. Hashtag blessed, y’all. Bronto, Falafel and the ever-charming Mr. Wiggles continue to rule the roost at home.

We were also lucky enough to spend more time than usual (for us) with our family this year. We traveled to my home state for Kyle & Monica’s exceptional wedding in Monterey to celebrate the cutest couple that ever was.  And in a shocking twist, my parents came to Florida twice in one year!  To round it off with holiday cheer, Billy’s sisters were here for Christmas, making it very merry.

I have a feeling that I’ll remember 2015 mostly for the whirlwind that was our work life, but it is my hope that I can always remember how fortunate I feel right now as I reflect on the wonderful highlights that this year has held. Perhaps they’re a bit hidden between crazy projects, but they sure shine bright.

I won’t dare hope for anything more in the next year,  but we’ll be wishing you all the best in 2016!

xoxo, L & B

(and Mr W, F, B, & F2)

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