Good pony, wobbly lady

Well, Fritzy was a wonderful fuzzy thing today. I was not so stellar.

I had set out to lunge him for about six minutes each side just to check all the gears then hop on and ride in the grass arena. He was slightly distracted in {slightly} chillier weather but responded really well to all our transitional ground commands.

After I climbed up, our trainer and I chatted for a bit so it was the first time he had a halted conversation and got a little bit bored with me 🙂 Yay pony! He was sticky to start again so Claudia grabbed the lunge whip and I carried a short dressage whip for the first time, Mr Fritzalot couldn’t react better to gentle whip tickles! So proud.

He was lovely in walk/trot Fritzy.jpgand trot/walk transitions on his so-called bad side. Then going his good direction I just couldn’t get balanced properly. We were a little close to the rail so the toe of my boot kept bumping it (Fritzy didn’t care btw, smart boy). So I was trying to correct my toes forward and could feel the grip in my thighs change.  I reeeally don’t want to send him mixed messages and just couldn’t get my legs to cooperate. I didn’t put my stirrups back up a hole and I definitely need to do that next ride!

Working in the larger arena would have very likely solved everything and I was about to head that direction until I looked at my watch, 9:15!  Eep! I was over by 15 minutes so we headed for the barn but -gasp- I had forgotten that it’s Saturday and we started at 8:30 so I was actually under by 15 minutes. For serious!? Ahhhhhhhhh.

I’m going to chalk it up to temporary delusions from skipping breakfast and hope to be a better rider next session.

The good news, Fritz was a gentleman and totally smart cookie. In a slight change of pace, we walked back to the barn and found it bustling with other riders! So he got to experience busy cross ties, passing horses in the lane and all sorts of barn fun that we don’t usually mingle with so early in the morning.

All in all a good day because of my wonderful wildebeest but momma’s got to pull it together.



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