Stolen Hours

Again, I find myself feeling very lucky. I was able to steal away from work for a few hours on a truly gorgeous Saturday afternoon to ride my very sweet pony.

During this particularly crazy month of work, my mister (hereon referred to as BCS) is on a whirlwind market circuit. He’s working crazy long days; on his feet chatting up clients all day long, eating bars and cruddy room service, not seeing the sky let alone having any free time.

I’m working around the clock too of course but most of my work is done at a fairly comfortable desk. Plus, I get to head home for the evening and finish my day’s work on the couch with a laptop, sweet pups and some background Downton Abbey.

So when I realized I was oddly on schedule and could squeeze in some barn time, I felt terribly guilty even getting dressed with the intention of riding. It feels so wrong to be going to spend such a huge chunk of time on a leisurely activity while BCS and staff are slammed at market and I know there’s more I could be doing to stay ahead.

While I feel that guilt even as I type still, I can’t seem to find words to express how glad I am that I did. I smiled the ENTIRE ride.

It was gorgeously sunny out but had poured the day prior leaving most of the arenas soggy so we longed and rode in one of the grassy areas. It was my first time riding him in an open space in quite a while and oh my goodness, I forgot what I was missing. I mean seriously, in case you were wondering, riding is awesome.

My Fritzy was such a rockstar. It’s like he’s a new horse. While he still doesn’t looove puddles; when he first arrived, he would have freaked out to walk through soggy mud. He sloshed his way out to the field and pranced around without a second thought to the mud flying everywhere. (PS: remember not to wear white polos on wet days). The pony who still doesn’t think birds are that awesome hardly flinched when a flock of ibis came right at him. I was just so dang proud.

He was lovely and forward and just a dream. He was slightly distracted on the line but really responded well during potential distractions under saddle. We worked on a little bit of steering, navigating through poles and responding off leg and I couldn’t be happier.

He’s still a baby so I won’t expect him not to behave like one occasionally. But if he’s that sweet and wonderful and comfy, a little ruckus won’t make me bat an eye. I’m just so thrilled that patience is paying off and I’m SO glad that I made it out to the barn to realize it.

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