A tale of ice boots

It’s a good thing I’ve got adaptability on the brain. IMG_1462

Got a text from the barn yesterday that ponyface had swelling on his tendon. Le sigh. I didn’t think too hard on it when she told me, he’s a boy’s boy and is always up to something. One of the other boarders saw him and a co-conspirator playing under the fence so we assumed he stuck his foot through and rubbed it on the way back.

But last night I had seriously startling dreams about pony injuries. Like, whoa.

Alas, all is good in the world! Swelling is way minimal today and there’s no heat at all. Another few days of icing and hopefully he’s good as new.

So much for cantering in January.  It’s still pretty monsoony in “sunny” Florida so we’ll just have to snuggle this weekend 🙂

Instagram snap on the right from @gestur01 in Wellie yesterday. BANANAS.


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