Adaptable Goals

Normally, my deadlines are firm. They tend to revolve around a catalog being sent to print, a major order getting out the door, the craze before market week.

In a zippy twist, today’s mission is pony related. I find myself teetering between thinking that setting training goals is either a dangerous preoccupation or potentially a great kick in the pants.IMG_1458

As I was tacking up, I realized that I had subconciously decided that I’m going to canter Fritzy under saddle by the end of the month. The aspirational thinking continued during my ride as Claudia and I chatted about loading practice and eventually going off property for a school.

The danger to structured planning (as I see it) is that Sir Fritzalot is one of those ponies with whom you need to be adaptable. If I get up in the morning thinking we’re going to hack around the far field and pick daisies but he’s a wild man when I arrive at the barn, prancing in his scaredy zone probably isn’t the best idea.

I don’t want to set out with a very specific plan and be discouraged if it doesn’t work out the way I had hoped. But Fritzy has come a very long way and is ready to be challenged a bit. So, goals… but adaptable goals.


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