There’s not much to say except I LOVE MY PONY.

Fritz had a solid week off from his little brush with the fence so it’s safe to say I wasn’t sure how my Tuesday ride would go. Slushy footing, early ride, a week of no activities, other horses cruising around, mirrors… and this guy behaved like a pro! 

The ground was still pretty saturated and it was an uber foggy morning so we rode in the sand instead of the grass. I hadn’t ridden him in here since the mirrors went up and he was soooo brave. His buddy Kipling was kind enough to let us have the ring for a bit on our own but he stayed closeby. My pony noticed the distractions but never once offered worry. He even trotted with Kipling on the outside of the rail coming toward him – so brave! 

In the end, I could feel him getting crankers and we got a little baby buck from a walk/trot transition (for serious, they’re cute). I guessed he had to pee (he did) but we got some nice forward after that silly moment and ended fantastically. 


This is my giddy face + fritz’s over it face. 😄

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