The blonde, the bay… and the grey

Last March, I was wrapping up my exhaustive horse hunt. My search had taken me to Europe and I was down to two. One was a big grey Dutchunnamed_(18)_z1 gelding in the Czech Republic. He wasn’t the third level dressage mount I was searching for to say the least. He was a low level jumper with not the best form on the planet, but he just had something.  Even BCS thought he was special and gave me his vote. He wasn’t exactly what I set out looking for, but I thought he was the one.

I was under contract, got my radiographs and flexion video and suddenly the seller pulled him from the sale. There was talk of something with his left front that the vet didn’t like, but they never told me what. I thought maybe he went lame? Maybe they had another buyer? Maybe she wanted more money? I was crushed.  Luckily, a little later and a few countries away, I found my Fritz who I wouldn’t trade for the world. Seriously, you’ll have to pry him from my cold dead hands to get him away from me.

Flash forward a year later, I’m still following the same sales groups on Facebook (dangerous habit, I know) and I couldn’t believe my eyes when the big grey that stole my heart came jumping across my screen. Not only was he for sale again…he made his way to the US and was now just an hour away in Wellington!!  Had pony angels brought him here? Did he know that I was waiting for him? Was this fate? If you’re not screaming “YES!!!!” right now, you miiiiight want to stop reading.

Two minutes later, I was chatting with the seller and finagling a way to get this gorgeous creature home to me. A few days more and he was on his way to my barn.

He arrived in the states in December and was being prepped for sale as a jumper except for one hiccup, he wasn’t into the scene at Wellington. Turns out the famous WEF warmup chaos was a little daunting for this gentle giant. I picture him as Jim Carrey aka The Grinch, “it’s too much too soon!” His seller was looking for someone that wanted to take him to the calmer Ocala circuit for the season. Obvi, I said a season wasn’t enough but a lifetime would do.

He didn’t flex well so I asked for a trial week so that my ridiculously awesome vet, Dr Carolyn Todd of Harbour Ridge Equine, could evaluate a little further. My amazing trainer raced down and picked him up while the equally fantastic barn crew prepped a stall. They might all think I’m bat shit crazy, and I probably am, but when you know, you know.

He’s proving to be very sweet, full of snuggles, and curious about his new digs. He’s also GINORMOUS. The Czech seller told me he was 17 hands. He’s definitely over 18 and massive. I can’t wait to climb aboard and put some muscle on that big frame! He’s coming nine so he’s taking importation a bit better than the prince did, but even still I think that he deserves a nice transition into his new family and home. I keep reminding myself that it’s forever, but I can’t wait to get started!

You’re home, buddy.


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