Just what I needed

My (human) valentine was kind enough to know that I needed a horse-filled weekend. I popped down to Global on Saturday for the Special with a friend and loved every second. I haven’t been down to AGDF the last two years so it was quite energizing to breathe it all in. The highest caliber horse and rider duos were in top form and so impressive, especially in a year that everyone’s vying for Rio.

Steffen and Rosamunde were perfection in the CDI3*, they just get each other. Totally in sync.  Oh gosh and Juan Matute Jr’s seat! #goals

PJ Rizvi and Unlimited

There was one rider, PJ Rizvi on Unlimited, in the 3* who was sooooo smiley I couldn’t help but smile with her. She grinned through every corner, every half pass. I sincerely hope she brings that enthusiasm to every ride and I look forward to watching them go again. What a lovely site! That pure happiness is what we all do this for amiright?! 

The 5* was equally awe inspiring. Everyone from south Florida is rooting for Laura of course and she didn’t disappoint. Perhaps it wasn’t their very most explosive performance, but they’re such a lovely pair even on their worst days. Saturday was far from their worst, with lovely extended work and balanced pirouettes. The crowd was delighted as they came out on top that night. You can tell that Diddy relishes his job and it’s just so dang fun to watch. You can see Laura’s ride here.

   Laura Graves and Verdades


After a day of watching the best do their thing, I was ready to pull on my tall boots. Maybe we weren’t Charlotte and Blueberry, but what a fun ride!! It started raining during our lunge warmup but we soldiered on with our rainproof coach and BONUS!  Fritzy is a brave rain pony even under saddle. He was so stinking good that we attempted a little canter. Of course I was overeager and leaning forward which dipped him onto the forehand so he gave this little buck and I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to get back on task. 😂  The good news is, he totally understood what I meant and was going for the upward transition. I really wasn’t sure he would get my cue but forward he went!  He was such a star, it was just what I needed. Love this guy.


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