It’s Wednesday already? 

 My life is legit flashing by. 

Had an interesting ride Tuesday morning. Ponyface wasn’t sure he wanted a longe warmup (well skip it next ride but he doesn’t make the rules here – we did 6 min) and he continued his silly stickiness at mount up. 

He’s not standing still during solo mounting so I have that on my radar for skill building. It’s not shying away like he used to do, just general bored-ness mixed with some baby bratty-ness. Working on it. 

Silliness ensued as he pulled a bit of a “nope not going in the ring!” moment as we walked toward A and thankfully I was quick enough with a quick flick and open rein to nip it. We had a nice forward walk until we tried trot when the sticky pony returned. Claudia assisted with a lunge whip at the center of the ring and we ended up with a really fun, forward ride from there. He’s always so proud of himself when he does well. Love his stinky face. Just goes to show, you can’t give up! 

I’m a teensy bit concerned about his ‘aversion’ and wonder if there is a reason for it (i.e. he alwaaaaays has to pee. Looking into it), but I’m fairly confident he’s just testing my resolve as any teenager would. 

Additional happy note: I’m really pleased with the muscling he’s developing in his neck, just need to balance it out in the hind end and top line! 
Lately, a little snapshot…  
Snuggles with Ciesto

My car is like a mobile tack and pet food store.

Pony having a roll after bath time. I watched him almost fall over as he fell asleep, it was adorbs.


Tuesday’s #rootd – I Need Tee from 20× is perfectly captioned!! 

My new obsession, tack lockers called Airplane Boxes. Neeeeeeeeeeed.

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