Let me grumble a minute

Some days are magical, fluffy puppy filled, dance on rainbow days. And some days you just can’t get it to come together.

PS: anyone remember Sega’s NBA Jams? All I hear right now is “he just can’t buy a bucket!”  I was horrible at video games, obvi. Good thing I’m a girl who loves ponies.

My cruddy little pity-party started with not being able to ride this morning. Quick recap: Fritzers got his vaccines Wednesday. It was his first time getting both the 4way and flu in one day so I gave him Thursday off, rode Friday morning then he got his first stifle esterone shot in the afternoon. (sidenote: his stifles are sticking. more later.)

I had wanted to ride Saturday but my saddle wasn’t ready for a friend to pickup on Friday so I had to drive to Welly to get it Saturday. (sidenote 2: still doesn’t fit. even more later)

Then of course Sunday I got the dreaded barn text that his neck was swollen. But no biggie right? Just a reaction to the flu shot, should clear up in a few days. I have to say, of all the silly minor things he’s had pop up, this was the saddest I’ve seen him. He couldn’t turn to chomp the flies and just stood there in the sun so downcast 😦 Oh fritzy! Once his banamine kicked in he was a bit better and the swelling is about half today.

He gets bored easily and his legs were stocking up slightly even with turnout so I thought a little bit of walking around and stretching under saddle would be beneficial. He was being a bit of a noodlehead so I started to longe but he was obviously uncomfortable and tossing his head so we packed it in. Is there anything more frustrating than not being able to ride when you have your heart set on it?


Oh wait… how about not having a saddle that fits?

I finally got a hold of my saddle maker after three weeks of not being able to ride in my custom tack.  When we spoke, he made me feel slightly hopeful that it was no big thing. He mentioned how a lot of coming five year olds lose fat in the withers hence the less-than-two-fingers clearance, said “it’s raising up in the back too right?” Why, yes, yes it is. I was bummed that he said to bring it to the shop without coming to measure the pone but I was grasping at straws. So down to Wellington I went.

Two weeks later and the fit is now accommodating at the wither but it’s still a bit on top of his shoulder and the channel is super high and wide. Of course I didn’t get to sit in it since Fritzy has a booboo, so maybe it will squash down a bit? But let’s get real – this isn’t going to cut it. Especially not for the custom price tag and the horse that needs everything to be just so.

The fitter is coming to the barn soon for someone else so I’m hoping in person we can get this worked out. It’s the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever ridden in and I’m crossing all my fingers he can make it fit.

As a backup, I have a Schleese fitting booked for the end of the month. I had planned on using Custom Saddlery after chatting with them and sitting in a few at Global but he never called me back (ahem, he was supposed to come last week). In contrast, Schleese has been beyond professional. I’m very curious specifically about the Obrigado for Fritzy so I figured it doesn’t hurt to try.

Who would have thought custom tack was so un-fun?

Jeepers I should have written a whole tack post. Now I can hardly remember all the other things that turned me into grumpy cat, yay!  Maybe an afternoon coffee will finish off the rest of my crankiness? Thanks for being a ear for my whining, dear internet. Cheers!


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