Bit Blues

Isn’t it funny how days turn into weeks?

Two weeks ago my little dumpling had all of his vaccines in one day for the first time. Two days later, he got his first round of Esterone to help strengthen his stifles that sometimes catch.

Two days after that, his neck was swollen an ouchy. Bute to the rescue, it took about a week for the swelling to completely diminish. But I was left with a pony who was tossing his head in discomfort as he picked up a gait – very uncharacteristic. The esterone shots are a weekly event so the next time the vet was out, she watched us longe and SURPRISE of course Fritzy decided he wasn’t so uncomfortable that afternoon. 12923340_10102666463058469_1769734210513611593_n

The next day, head tossing galore. (insert exasperated face here) The vet said three days of bute then back to work but every time I watched him, I just knew something was wrong.

I’ve been wanting to to start exploring bitting options (he leans a bit on the left rein and still occasionally ducks BTV), so I thought perhaps it’s mouth related. Longed him in his halter, still tossing. Then I checked his mouth… turns out someone has a late wolf tooth coming in. Only took me two weeks and two missed vet appointments to realize.

He just had his teeth done two and a half months ago and the vet said he wanted to keep an eye on it but didn’t want to cut it out. I guess that tooth had other plans.

I’m glad at least that I know my pony well enough to know something was off and he was suuuuch a good boy. I tried him in a happy mouth rubber bit to get his limbs moving the other day and he was AMAZING. Maybe the best yet. I didn’t ask for a ton but I was so very proud. And I might try the happy mouth even after that tooth comes out, seems like he liked it!

Any bets on how quickly he’ll chew through it? 🙂

In the meantime, my sweet man turned five on Saturday!  It doesn’t seem possible that I’ve already owned him a year, amazing how a year can just fly by. I have big plans for you this year, Fritzydoodle!  Pony power!

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