It’s Been A While

Oh goodness, it sure has been a while! It’s safe to say I got off track with my Fritzy training log!  The long and the short of it: we go up, we go down.

As we ended the April, we got a new Schleese Obrigado (Seriously sooo goooood) and he decided he was ready to be a working pony and the head tossing almost all but disappeared. On the last ride of April, we had the best go EVER. The first minutes were torture, just so bad. But ten minutes in, he just clicked into gear and floated around the ring. My notes from April 30th read: “First 10 min – so bad. Opposite of fun. Then AMAZING.”


We cruised into May and then hit a bit of a mounting fiasco again. Who is this pony? Mid-May he was so obstinate and rude one day that he brought me to tears. It went something like this:

Me: I love your face but please just stand still so we can tack up and make our lesson.
Pony: Hell no I won’t go!
Me: Pony, it’s really not that hard. You just have to trot around or forty minutes.
Pony: Screw you, lady!
Me: We’re going for a ride and that’s that.

Ever have one of those days? It’s a BIG deal for me to take time to be at the barn. It’s supposed to be my zen. Pony doesn’t know that of course. He’s a pony for goodness sake. But it would be reeealllyy nice if the object of my affection would not try to eat me. After I whacked him for biting me and then cried while mounting up with my trainer, you could tell he felt bad. It’s safe to say he was excellent under saddle that day and then snuggled me afterward. Eh, teenagers.

I had to focus on work for a few weeks when my wonderous trainer was out of town so another trainer-friend, Allegra Hohm, worked with the Fritzalot for a few rides. It was the most magical timing. She had the time, patience and determination to wait out his mounting block antics. Seriously, a total god send.

Mid-summer we’re cruising along but not making a ton of headway. We find ourselves a little overheated, not gonna lie. We’re going to take it a little easy through these hot months and strive for cooperation if not piaffe. 😉



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