Find a way 

I find myself with my first ‘real’ injury of my adult life, and man is it a bummer how much it’s affected my pony time.

A few (4? 6?) months ago, I started to notice that I continually had numbness in my hand. I attributed it to the way I sometimes sat at my desk, with my elbow on the table and my hand up toward my head. No biggie, wiggle it out.

Numbness turned into stabbing pain in my hand, elbow and wrist, accompanied by a general aching all over my arm up to my shoulder. It turns out that I have ulnar tunnel syndrome. It is basically the same as the more common carpal tunnel, but on the other side of your hand, with a different affected nerve.

I missed my window for surgery before a friend’s wedding so I’ve got to find a way through it until September. Call me vain but I serrrriously don’t want to ruin her bridesmaid photos with a big lumpy cast. Luckily, Fritz was generous enough to let me steal his ice horse boots which actually does help tremendously when on. I’m currently strapped in as I single-finger type this like a little old lady. I also borrowed his Back On Track quick wrap for daily use. Because it hurts just to brush my elbow against my side, the wrap is the softest way I’ve found to stay slightly comfortable throughout the day. New market for fluffy human wear?


When it started to intensify, I missed two weeks of riding and I really refuse to miss any more, simple as that. I had hoped to get surgery over with during summer since it’s so hot and my rides are only like 30 minutes anyway but… game time decision!

The good news is that… my rides are only 30 minutes!  I can get through anything for half an hour, right? Some days my grip just stinks but I switched to Stübben Ultra Grip reins and that’s helped tremendously. When Fritzy is forward and not hanging on the left rein, I’m golden. When not, we add leg. Weird how adding leg is the answer to everything, no?

I put my new plan to the maximum test today; uncomfortable sleepless night, 8.7 on the pain scale and a pony who felt like a hippo on the left rein. Guess what!? I survived! I’m going to bask in my icy glory with a glass of Pinot and cross my fingers that I’m still kickin’ tomorrow.


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