PS: A note to sellers

Dear Horse Sellers,  I have a few requests:

  • Don’t use blurry zoomed-in iphone pictures. You’re selling a $50,000 horse, you can afford a $200 camera.
  • Don’t respond to an ISO post saying “I have one!” without details following.
  • Don’t pretend like my inquiry about the horse’s swelling, sore, incision scar, bow, etc is not worth talking about. I’m muuuuch more inclined to consider a horse who is honestly represented. Honesty is awesome.
  • A confirmation photo is without tack from the side.
  • 16.3 is not 17 which is not 17.2.  It does actually matter to some of us.
    • On that note, don’t belittle someone for what they need just because you don’t have it. This is a lifelong commitment for a lot of us, we are allowed to want specific attributes.
  • Don’t pull a bait and switch. I will cut you. (Or I’ll hard stare at you for thirty seconds, whatevs.)
  • We all totally understand how expensive training and marketing is. But if your horse hasn’t sold at $20k, it’s unlikely he’s going to sell at $40k next week. Be realistic.
  • They can’t all be bound for FEI. Choose your words. Especially when talking about three year olds.
  • TAKE A REAL VIDEO   //   ie: with the horse in visible lighting, near the camera, in focus.


And to my dear Horse Buyers,

  • Why on earth do you shop for “bays only”?? Come on!
  • If you can’t handle baby antics, don’t buy a four year old.
  • If you’re 5’5″, don’t swipe my 17.2hh dream horse and then sell him in six months when his stride is too big for you.
  • Buy a horse that YOU want to ride, not one for your trainer to ride.
  • Don’t discount an entire bloodline because someone’s trainer’s friend told you that stallion was hot. Listen to experience, do the research. But try the dang horse if you like him.
  • Don’t try a horse just to get a ride in. The seller’s trainer doesn’t get paid enough. Respect their time.
  • Be on time. The horse I like most is because I showed up early and got to snuggle him while he tacked up. He drags his feet terribly so it’s forbidden love but I adore him so much that I compare every other better-mover to him.
  • Know what you want but be open minded. Someone might just surprise you.


The Blonde

…..searching for another bay, or grey, or chestnut, or paint, orrr….

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