Welcome to the next chapter

Long time no see, my friends!

A lot has happened since we last saw each other. Let’s get up to speed, shall we?

My sweet Fritzy moved to retirement in Ocala in October and is absolutely loving life with his ‘herd’ which consists of one adorable young horse, Roen, and a smooshy senior pony named Copper. Gently rolling pastures, huge oaks to nap under and neighboring cows for entertainment sure seem to suit him. I’d thought that he would relocate to Kentucky to avoid the Florida summers and storm season but I stressed about the journey on his fetlocks/suspensorys and the distance for me to visit, so I chose Next Level Farm at the last moment in a stroke of good luck. Claire and Michele Mayer are the best stewards I could have hoped for to take care of my silly guy. We’re so fortunate to have found them. My guilt continues (of course) as I’ve not visited nearly as much as anticipated but at least I know he’s in the best hands possible and is a car ride away in case of emergency.

It’s been a season of change to say the least. Just around the same time Fritzy moved to the hills, we lost the elderly yet spunky Mr Wiggles and three months later we said goodbye to my beloved Bronto. There is nothing quite like the loss of a good dog, except the loss of a good giant dog. He left our home emptier than I could have ever imagined.

But life moves along whether you’re ready for it or not. We welcomed home Venti, my five year old Rhinelander gelding, in January and Kimber, the Great Dane puppy, in February. It’s safe to say a vacay isn’t on the horizon. Breeches before beaches, y’all.

Venti has already given me a run for my money (come to think of it, so has Kimber), prompting my return to writing! I’ll admit that I’ve had days (maybe weeks?) that I debated if he and I were going to be a perfect lifelong fit, and I realized that this is exactly the type of horse and training that deems recording. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to look back on these first months and be proud of the journey and partnership.

So here’s to the next chapter, our road to piaffe. With maybe a glass or two of Prosecco along the way.

xo, L

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