He’s finally here

Say hello to the new kid on the block, Venti! Because sometimes a grande just won’t do.

The first thing you need to know about this dude; he’s huge. My five year old is quite the dinosaur, with the dinner plate feet and all. Gigantor also happens to really love coffee and cookies and has a fabulous Fabio-esque forelock that makes all the girls swoon.

Born in 2014, For Senzation CG (so proper) is a the most handsome Sezuan x Bellisimo M gelding bred in Finland by Sanna Aalto. Bellisimo M added the balance and size to Sezuan’s extraordinary shoulder and hind leg.

Sidenote: This giant lovebug was known to Sanna as ‘Sisu’ which has the cooooolest loose translation in Finnish. Sisu is that inherent Finnish determination, spunk and grit, particularly in the face of adversity.

Venti was halfway into his fourth year when he renewed my faith in horse shopping. I’d just had the millionth horse fail the vetting for major issues and I was WAY dejected. Like given up, thrown in the towel, kicked to the curb, o v e r it. Maybe I wasn’t meant to ride. Maybe it just wasn’t in the wind for me. Maybe the universe thought I’d be a better at crocheting. So I’d just be a tack store owner that never needed tack, that’s not the most depressing thing ever right?

Then I saw him dance across my Facebook feed.

(Insert angels singing here)

He was more than I’d wanted to spend and the video clip was 50 seconds long, but I had goosebumps. I knew I wanted to take a chance. He passed the vetting with flyyiiingg colors, I negotiated the price a smidge and he was on his way to Florida!

I didn’t dare believe it was real until he was physically in his stall. Ok so – I’m going to tell you a secret. Please don’t think too badly of me; I couldn’t help but think something was going to go terribly wrong. The seller would change her mind, he would have a disastrous travel experience, he’d colic. It was dark times to be living in my noggin, y’all.

I just couldn’t believe that three long years after Fritz was retired I was finally going to have a horse to ride again. Three years of looking, giving up, searching for a lease, trying horses, missing Fritz, and too much money spent on vettings only to have so many dreams dashed.

Despite my torturous mind games, magically one day Brookledge came pulling in the driveway with my little prince safely, calmly, adorably wrapped inside the trailer. He was really here. My dream horse was finally here, four white socks and all.

I just had to be patient enough for the winds to send him my way.

Rosa dei Venti

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