Ride Number One

I got to sit on my pony! And it was smashing! He is such a good bug. He’s the same horse day after day which is so refreshing.

I kept saying to Rachel (Rachel Taylor of Taylor Equestrian) who is assisting us from the ground that I instantly felt relaxed on him. He doesn’t give you a sense of spook or bolt or worry. So much so that a loose rein walk felt appropriate. This for a 4.5 year old horse that hasn’t been ridden in two months. Swoon.

As much as I adore my beloved Fritz and trusted him in a different way, I was always waiting for the next thing he’d spook at. He’s just a spooky fella.

In contrast, Venti has a sense of curiosity that emboldens.

Cheers to good ponies, great young horse trainers and encouraging coaches.

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