Hiccups, hurdles & horses

They say horse training is a journey filled with highs and lows. Life affirming leaps forward and vibe crushing steps backward.

Poor Venti arrived in good spirits but having lost a lot of weight and with a lot of life changes to adjust to. Welcome to the swamp, pony! Didn’t have bugs at home? You sure do now! Get used to the fly spray buddy. Haven’t sweat out half your body weight in a single day before? We like to call this free sauna training. Never seen cranes, egrets and buzzards? They’re your new pasture mates. Don’t know English? Cool, I don’t know German.

Florida is a whole other world for European horses. It’s one thing to live in temperate Kentucky but the south is a beast.

Thankfully Venti arrived in late January right before a few brisk weeks. So he actually got to wear his sheet and feel some cool air as he adjusted to his new home and gained his weight back. And then he moved – again. We relocated to a farm with a larger facility about a month after he arrived. But surprise! Just as we’re getting into a groove, the larger farm decided to close a few months after we moved in. Just a little hiccup.

Naturally, Venti was juuuust getting completely relaxed in his new home when we got the news. He was enjoying night turnout, settled into his routine and working quietly in the bid kids’ arena. I was two shakes away from feeling like we could hack soon. But alas, our few weeks of normalcy were to be short lived.

Flying at BG Equestrian

We’re now parked at the premier hunter/jumper barn in town. Happily, his best pal from barn #2 moved over with us! Us dressage babes (the only two on the property) are enjoying the hustle and bustle of an active show barn with impeccable footing and a super accommodating owner/trainer. Venti, for his part, instantly loved his stall and spends his days people watching from any of his three windows. Bonus!

He got all settled in while I was out town for a quick weekend and as soon as we started to get back to work, the little dumpling was showing some back soreness from the preowned Custom Saddlery that we had on trial. So he’s been working in hand the last two weeks while we await tomorrow’s Schleese fitting. Fingers crossed a new outfit (and a visit with the Chiro) is just the ticket to get over this most recent hurdle.

All settled in at Winter Beach Farm

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