I’m a believer

It’s true, I believe miracles can happen. I believe our departed can send us a nudge from time to time. I wholeheartedly believe we are not the only planet with life in this universe.

But when it came to ‘communicating’ telepathically with ones pets? I was firmly on the disbelief side of that fence. Talking to your horse through open heart waves? Total malarkey.

It only took half an hour with Brenda Cunliffe to become a covert.


Over the years, several friends have shared their experiences using animal communicators for various reasons. I would nod along and smile in that way you do when you don’t want someone to know you think they’ve had one too many cocktails. But upon my first visit to see Fritz in Ocala, I couldn’t quite read his vibe. I thought to myself what a gift it would be if he could tell me if he was content or homesick. Sleepy or listless. Comfortable or in pain. Again an equestrian friend mentioned a communicator. Per usual, I dismissed it as fooey during our conversation. But somewhere in the back of my mind, I wished it were real.

My recent training hiccups with Venti have prompted me to debate whether or not we’re a perfect fit. Once again I found myself wishing I could know with greater clarity what my horse was thinking. So I did what any normal logical right brained person would do, I called the person who might be able to tell me. Keyword might. I figured I’d go into this with eyes wide open. If she just told me what I wanted to hear and asked leading questions, all I would have lost is a half an hour and a few bucks. No harm, right?

You guys.

It’s real. I can’t even find the words to explain how absolutely unequivocally NOT fooey this session was. It’s really real.

And now I’m that person you’re politely smiling and nodding to.

Brenda starts by asking your pet’s name, age, color and breed. And NOTHING ELSE. I’d booked time for both Fritz and Venti, so I told her their details and away we went on one of the most fun conversations of my life.

It was so unexpectedly genuine. I won’t delve into all the conversational details, but can tell you that Brenda said things she couldn’t possibly have known. Not from friends, not from social media, not from tapping my phones. Each horse’s ‘conversation’ had a hundred elements of sincerity, but they also each had one particular, and seemingly minute, detail that sealed the deal.

Fritz came first, tumbling in excited chatter relayed through Brenda. He somehow ‘told’ (is that the word? I’m new at new age y’all) her about missing me, his medicine, his friends, wanting me to take him for a hand walk so he could show off, how his legs are feeling and so much more. All of which I’d never mentioned to Brenda, and all of which had aspects that correctly and uniquely related to my sweet horse. But what clinched it was when he asked if I scheduled a vet to visit, would it be his regular vet? The lady doctor who he took the long trailer ride to. WHAT?! HOW?!

Venti’s turn to chat was started by immediately addressing a specific aspect of our training that was so spot on it was spooky. He’s communication perfectly captured his precise blend of shenanigans and thoughtfulness. Yet his this-is-real moment also came from an otherwise less significant detail. He mentioned that I shouldn’t worry about the other day when he was looking at me and ground his teeth. I was just talking to someone for too long and he wanted to get my attention. Mind. Blown.

Tuesday I ran out to the barn and caught only the end of Rachel and Venti’s ride. At the end, we were talking while she was mounted and he started grinding his teeth ever so slightly while looking at me and shifting toward me a hair. I’ve worried over changing his bit and was thinking that minor grinding was another reason to try a new bit setup. And I’m just now realizing that I’ve also worried since that day that perhaps I make him anxious and it manifests with the teeth grinding.

How the flap did this lady know this? Spoiler alert – MY HORSE TOLD HER. No one but Rachel, Venti and I knew that scene had occurred. And I hadn’t even told Rachel I’d been thinking about it.

I’ll say it again, I b e l i e v e.

For those of you that are curious, you can reach Brenda at:

Brenda Cunliffe
phone: 772-205-2099
website: www.commiskey.biz
e-mail: brenda@commiskey.biz

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