Hey, y’all!

Meet The Blonde: Among other things, I am the head of operations for two jewelry brands and find myself constantly consumed with my work.  I rode eventers when I was younger, then I moved to Boston for college where I started focusing on dressage. In a not so shocking twist, the 50 minute drive in the snow to the barn started to not seem that awesome to a college kid, so I wasn’t riding for about five years. We moved to Florida and a few years later I started back with a leased fourth level horse until I found my silly bestie this May. Which leads me to a very good topic…

Meet The Bay: Fortunatus whenever he starts his show career and Fritzy-doodlekins at home, Fritz is a 2011 Hanoverian by Furstenball. He was imported from Germany in May and has been a bit of a sweet handful ever since! He was started late and finds his confidence through his humans so we’re taking things one step at a time. He has a penchant for snacks, a sweet smoochy nose and really appreciates being told he’s the cutest smartest pony that ever was.


I hope you find my perspectives engaging and interesting and will share your own thoughts, ponies and training with me.  I’m excited to share our little journey as we learn the ropes together!

xoxo, L

L ♥: puppies. christmas. water. spreadsheets. the perfect shoe. my wonderful mister who buys me the perfect shoe. sunrise. aqua. swirly calligraphy. champagne (the color). champagne (the drink). mint chocolate. fritzy.

F ♥: cookies. uncle jimmy’s hangin’ balls. withers scratches. being told he’s adorable. ripping fly masks off his buddies. rolling in the sand after a bath. snacks. people that feed him. grain. pleasing his humans.

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