I Got Pressed.

I'm going to be honest with you, the last two years of my life have not been entirely healthy. Business was booming and with the chaos came very little time for myself. I'm not sure how all those super-women squeeze morning workouts in before the bell tolls, but for me it just wasn't an option. [...]

A Valentine DIY

This Valentine's Day I thought I would do something a little more personal for my Mister.  Not usually one to take on crafty projects, I was uber inspired by two sweet DIYs I stumbled upon on Pinterest.  (Don't you just love that place?)  I decided to take my project a little bit further and combine [...]

The art of the résumé

It's true, we're hiring again.  For me, the prospect of adding a member to the team is always exciting - what talent will we find?  Will she or he have amazing shoes?  Even better ideas? But I also dread the process so intensely that I cringe as I type this.  Open positions inevitably mean that a mountain of terribly written and completely unimaginative résumés will [...]

Secret’s Out

I have a secret. It's the kind of thing you hide away from friends, coworkers, family members. It's something I've saved just for myself for so many years that I can't even imagine giving it away. But today... I will. Perhaps we all have some little untold tidbit that would change our grasp on reality [...]