The worst thing happened.

After a truly manic Monday and a bustling start to Tuesday morning, the unthinkable happened.  I was cruising right along, shuffling off emails and editing graphics when BAM! crash. It happened, MY dear sweet Loubi crashed! Mid sentence.  Now, I'm not proud to say that I freaked the eff out.  I might have yelped, I [...]

Secret’s Out

I have a secret. It's the kind of thing you hide away from friends, coworkers, family members. It's something I've saved just for myself for so many years that I can't even imagine giving it away. But today... I will. Perhaps we all have some little untold tidbit that would change our grasp on reality [...]

Romping into Resort

It's a good thing we bought a house in Florida, I'm so ready for Resort.  I know it's not very NYE-ish, but how can you not want to frolic on a yacht with striped rompers from Alice + Olivia and Club Monaco?  And gosh, the latest silk maxis from Gypsy O5 will have you ready [...]